14 year old Business in a Gentrified Community

A beauty salon in sunset has seen the changes in the Echo Park community. Their shop has been up and running since 2002. Their 14-year legacy has ensured Maria, the business owner, a few costumers. While interviewing the Maria, she was in the process of cutting an elderly woman’s hair, stating that she has been cutting her hair for “40 years”. She talked to us about how the place has change since 2002 and how the people are different.

“Aqui no hay trafico de gente….y no ayuda que hay nuevos negocios”-Hair Salon Owner

Or in other words, there is no foot traffic…and the new businesses have’t helped. She went on to say, ‘I’ve seen business come and go…and there is always one that looks promising but in the end fails to succeed.’

As she saw the changes around her store, she wondered what that meant for the neighborhood and rent. She says that rent has increased significantly in the past three years and she hopes it will stop soon. Despite all these changes around her business, she expressed no concern for her beauty salon and its future. She said that even if there was an increase of outside businesses and high rent for her shop, she has secured clients that come to receive the best of the best haircuts from her, and will supply enough money to cover her rent.

This salon is an example of a rare occasion in which the business survived and merely sees the effects of gentrification. We wish you luck Salon!

By: Ricardo Perez

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