The Hidden Restaurant

When a new business enters a community, there are distinct reasons as to why they chose the location to begin their business. The restaurant named Winsome said they choose this location because the owner loved the area and city. The restaurant is said to be embracing the community including its people. Although on their end they want to embrace the neighborhood, the people at the beginning disliked the fact of the newcomers.

Winsome has been in the community for about a year. As you walk up the small hill, you are welcomed by a gigantic door. Inside there was shining glass in which has no resemblance to the once abandoned church. An abandoned church that was once surrounded by ethnic stores full of spices which slowly began to diminish. This location was then no accident to be chosen to be converted into this fancy restaurant.

Just as this was not an accident for a new type of restaurant to be introduced into their neighborhood, it wasn’t any accident for the people to stand up for their community and become angry. As Winsome began to open their doors to the people, there was a set of members in the community who were not on board for supporting the new business.

The conflict between the community and Winsome began as a lady spread rumors about the business attacking Winsome’s reputation and their ability to acquire an alcohol license. The community protested for about 7 months until in July, Winsome was able to obtain their alcohol license.

With the previous tensions surrounding Winsome, the question is if they are really embracing the community.

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