Youth Create engages young adults with issues in their communities through research, dialogue, and action in order to educate and empower leaders with a systems perspective, institutional knowledge, and community organizing skills while creating positive change in their communities. Being members of the community they work in, they come equipped with competency and sensitivity to the nuances of the culture, helping them to not just to build their own skills, but create theories and impact that outsiders would struggle to match.


We value inclusivity and diversity. We value community and openness. We value consensus and intentional, effective action. We value lived-experience over removed experts. We value progression over oppression.


Our vision is that because of Youth Create, every student will be up-to-date on the issues that affect their lives. Young adults will be aware of the systems that affect them and the politics surrounding them. Youth Create will help young people act as a united front, voicing their needs and mobilizing to get their needs met. Leaders in power will come to Youth Create for critical input on policies and programs and Youth Create leaders are elected as leaders of their own community.