We will take on a new issue each semester or school year. We choose to focus on issues that affect the community of the students. As a diverse group of minorities, we hope to be an example of the possibilities that can happen when different minority groups come together to develop theories and take action.

In our first meeting of the year we did an activity where the leader made a statement, and all students stepped forward if that issue applied to them. For example: “Step forward if you travel more than an hour to get to school because you don’t feel the school where you live will prepare you for your future.” As students from all over Los Angeles, this helps us see what concerns we have in common. After the activity, we brainstormed issues as a group and came up with the following web.


Focus Issues

The first issue we decided to focus on is gentrification because …

We will select a new issue after we have completed our theory and take action related to gentrification.