HenryHenry Cintigo                     High School Junior | Koreatown

Henry forgets his birthday sometimes. He’s an aspiring Biologist and Film Director. Henry joined Youth Create to meet people who care about the same issues that he does and to explore ways to combat them together. He is also interested in being involved in government, in order to help in his community. His wish for Los Angeles is to raise awareness for concerns that are often overlooked and to advocate inclusion for all groups of people living in the city.



Michelle Rivas    High School Junior | Inglewood, raised in Echo Park                                                                                            Michelle didn’t cry when she was born. She’s an aspiring Environmentalist and Food Security Advocate. Michelle joined Youth Create out of a desire to help people who may have not been born with the same circumstances (privilege?) as herself, such as a house to live in or enough food to eat. Even though she is only 16 years old, she believes that it’s never too early to start helping out in the community. Her wish for Los Angeles is to encourage people from all backgrounds to be more involved in politics. She would like to see a more diverse LA, an improved public education system, and residents that are more involved in the community.

ricRicardo Perez      High School Junior | Pico Union

Ricardo plays the flute, and is an aspiring doctor. He joined Youth Create because he has witnessed social oppression and felt responsible to educate himself. He hopes to use his acquired knowledge to share with others and to empower people. His primary concern for Los Angeles is the rising rent costs that are harming the low-income population. 


Ana Ortega     High School Junior | South Central Los Angeles                          Ana

Ana’s favorite movie is City of God , which provides a representation of the side of Rio De Janeiro that is often overlooked and does not resemble the picture postcard version of the city. She hopes to advocate for her community of South Central by entering state level politics and eventually become a philanthropist for her community. She joined Youth Create because she knew that the club will give her a place to express her views on how the city can become more equitable and to show what happens when various minority groups come together.

Derek Atlow  High School Junior | Compton, California and moved to Los Angeles

Derek       He is an artist and enjoys playing sports. In the future, he hopes to pursue a career in game designing and creation. He joined Youth Create because he felt this program had the potential to help make a difference with some of the various issues in Los Angeles.Though there are many issues in LA, the one he is currently most interested in is the amount of homeless people in Los Angeles. He wants to find a way to drop the percentage of homeless people in LA.

Neyda Cujcuj  High School Junior | South Central, Los Angeles

neydaShe was due on February 14, but was born about a month a before. She aspires to be someone who can actually do an impact to the world. She hopes that she will be able to help people in any way possible. She joined Youth Create because she wanted to learn more in depth about the social issues surrounding her community. She believes everyone should learn about social issues, so together we can fight against them.  She hopes L.A. will become a city where  everyone will continue fighting for equality and that the issues regarding homelessness will be resolved.

Edwin Castro     High School Junior | Westlake, Los Angeles

edwin Edwin has an interest business and marketing. He  plays soccer in his free time and represents the DMHS soccer team. Edwin joined Youth Create in the effort to gain awareness and knowledge about the communities around him.He is against the rise in housing prices in his community since this has personally affected his family’s ability to move into a better home. He  hopes that LA will continue to be a sanctuary city and that the entire immigrant population will come together.

Abigail Lomibao     High School Junior | Koreatown, Los Angeles


Growing up, Abigail has always been fascinated by, and driven to understand, the way things work. This natural drive to discover and create, has led her to cultivate a passion for science and philosophy. Her hobbies and interests include drawing, reading sci-fi books or novels, and playing video games. Abigail decided to join Youth Create in order to not only understand her place and identity, but also to listen to and understand others’ personal stories. As a diverse group of minorities, she hopes for Youth Create to be an example of the possibilities that can arise when different minority groups come together to develop theories and take action.

Rose Saga     High School Junior | Westlake, Los Angeles


Rose is not good at planning. Although she is not good at planning, she is an extremely good editor and has very advanced English speaking and writing skills. She can knit two stitches in a second that is a 2:1 ratio of stitch to second! As an underprivileged minority, she feels that it is her responsibility to educate herself on the issues that her community faces. One of the things that being a part of this program grants her and others is the opportunity to have a voice.



Carlos Machic     High School Junior | Koreatown, Los Angeles

CarlosCarlos plays the drums and loves playing basketball. He hopes to become a graphic designer. Carlos hopes to give more opportunities to the less privileged citizens of the city of Los Angeles. His hope for Los Angeles is that the city improves in helping the homeless. He joined Youth Create because he wanted to learn more about the problems that were occurring in his community and about the problems that he sees on a daily basis.